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People often ask me whether I am ashamed to have an adult job. Hell no! I love my job! And that’s not something a lot of people can say about their professions. On the other hand, people are always curious, and they would like to know reasons behind my decision to do what they do. If you are just as curious as many people I have come across, perhaps it will be interesting for you to read these five reasons why I am not ashamed to do what they do – even though people may think otherwise.

1. It’s My Body!

Having an adult job taught me a lot about my own body. In the end, you must realise that even though some people disagree with my career choice, it’s my body. I have literally no complaints of doing what they do, I take great care of my health, I take good care of my body, I do not compromise my safety or health in any way, and in the end it’s just my decision.

Some people decide to do various things with their bodies, such as become stunt people, or exercise a lot, or gain a lot of weight – and I’m not saying all these things are healthy. By that as long as you are taking care of yourself and your health, it doesn’t really matter what you do your body, and everyone should make this decision for themselves – because ultimately, it’s your body!

2. It’s Just Sex!

I understand that some people take themselves too seriously, and since I have also been raised in a conservative community and in a conservative home, I understand that at least some people are rigid when it comes to sex. However, I have never had this feeling. I mean it’s just sex! People have it for fun! A lot of people have sex on a regular basis, just because they like it, and they don’t get paid or anything. The difference between me and these people is that I do it for fun and I am paid for it, and I simply love what they do! I was probably be doing it even if I wasn’t paid, even if I wasn’t on cameras.

3. I Make Incredible Amounts Of Money!

But, thank God I’m paid! This way I can make incredible amounts of money doing what I love. This is precisely why I love my adult job, because it really allows me to live a quality adult life. I know a lot of adults, who have jobs, but there are still not satisfied with the way they are living their lives. I can say that I make a lot of money, and that I am completely at peace with myself.

4. I Do What I Love!

If I haven’t mentioned it already, but they think I have, I really do what I love! I would probably be doing this even if I wasn’t paid, but it may not be as fulfilling. In this way I have everything I need, everything I want, and everything I have always dreamed of!

5. I Am Confident In My Decision!

I am very confident with my body, I am not ashamed of my body, I’m not ashamed of my sexual desires, I’m not ashamed of my needs, and I am very satisfied with where I am today.

This makes me very confident in my decision and I know I will not regret having an adult job any time later on in my life!

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